Managers do what they can see, Leaders see what they can do.

"A good leader must be diverse with his or her leadership approach, one leadership style is no longer effective in a Diverse & Inclusive World." — Nick E. Gilewski


Life long learner who believes that life is a gift; therefore, don't waste it! Continue to grow and learn as a person, contributing back society.

  • Ph.D. 

  • Engineering Masters Degree

  • Masters in Business Administration

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Twenty years' experience in managing union & non-union employees

  • Published "Go Green Electrically, 2011"

  • Published "The Current Impact and Future Implications of Renewable Energy on Generation and Distribution in Deregulated and Regulated States, 2020"

  • Advocate of "Diversity & Inclusion"

  • Veteran

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Buffalo State Presentation on renewable

United States Power Grid, NERC, FERC, Renewable energy causation, Deregulated and Regulated States, NYISO, Day Ahead Market, Realtime Market, Electrical Engineer, Solar, Wind Power.